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About Us

Brief History:  Advanced Aircraft Extinguishers, Total Flood Corporation and Enk Aviation

Advanced Aircraft Extinguishers, Ltd. was founded in 1990, however the expertise in Fire Safety Systems is traced back to the 1970’s when William A. Enk Sr and Mary-Terese Enk lost a friend in an aircraft fire.

AAE, Ltd is built on the experience and expertise derived from “Enk Aviation” (EA) and “Total Flood Corporation” (TFC), each founded, owned and operated by Bill and Mary-Terese. Over the years EA & TFC engineering operations designed, certified and delivered Smoke Detection and/or Fire Suppression Systems for over 300 different models and versions of Aircraft. Some of these systems are still supported by AAE, Ltd today.

In May of 1996 an aircraft fire aboard a commercial transport aircraft claimed the lives of 110 passengers. In 1997 new federal safety measures were put in place to protect against fires originating in cargo compartments, requiring conversion of compartments to a Class C level featuring built in rapid smoke detection and fire suppression systems.

First to secure an approved system, AAE was responsible for the development of the designs and obtaining the STC’s and PMA regulatory authorizations for installation of the retrofit Cargo Fire Protection System (FPS) Kits. By the year 2000, AAE had produced and successfully delivered nearly 1000 kits.

Since then the AAE family has focused solely on delivering these superior safety solutions to the commercial transport retrofit market. Today AAE holds (9) FAA STC’s and (4) EASA STC’s covering 22 Models of aircraft and continues to maintain these STC’s as active with the FAA and EASA.  Many of these STC’s are approved by many other Foreign Aviation Authorities such as Brazil, Argentina, China, Canada, etc…

AAE FPS Kits, by design, exceeded the minimum requirements by collecting, measuring and assembling certification data to assure our designs will undoubtedly demonstrate compliance with the more stringent performance requirements elevating the level of safety beyond the minimum requirements. This original design philosophy and commitment permits us to easily upgrade our popular installed Cargo FPS designs to meet EASA’s higher suppression performance requirements (i.e. point to point suppression). Customers can upgrade their US domestic fleets for transition to European theaters of operation. As regulations around the world change AAE is prepared to adapt our systems to meet your requirements.

About AAE’s Founder & Chief Engineer

Mr. William A. Enk, Sr. has extensive knowledge and expertise and has had extraordinary involvement in the areas of:

1) Fire Safety and, 2) Fire Research.

His experience and accomplishments include, but are not limited to:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Parks College of Aeronautical Technology of St. Louis University in St. Louis, MO.
  • Served in the Air Force as Research & Development Engineer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base for 4 years.
  • Retired from American Airlines (formerly TWA) as “Captain” after a long and distinguished career as a commercial airline pilot flying both domestic and international routes.
  • Currently holds FAA ‘Inspection Authorization’
  • Currently holds FAA  ‘A & P Mechanics License’

Authored, TFA01-0051, “An Unsolicited Proposal for Advanced Aircraft Fire Protection” Total Flood ® Systems and Components, April 1983, William A. Enk. TFA01-0051 is currently on file with the FAA.

For the past 30 years, William A. Enk Sr. has engaged in designing, engineering, manufacturing, certifying, and installing Fire Protection Systems in the cabin, cockpit, cargo, engine, avionics, and lavatory compartments on private, corporate and commercial aircraft.  He has worked directly with the airlines and completion centers; and trained personnel to install the FPS Kits.

Cargo Compartment Fire Protection System Class D Compartment to C Conversion Program Experience

  • Knowledge and expertise assisted AAE LTD in obtaining nine (9) FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for Cargo Fire Protection Systems that are now installed worldwide on the Boeing 737-200/-300/-400/-500, Boeing 727-100/-200, Airbus A320, Fokker F70/F100, Boeing DC-9-10/-21-30/-41/-51/DC-9-80 Series/MD88/MD-90-30, and Lockheed L1011’s.  Many of these STC’s are now approved by EASA and other Foreign Civil Aviation Agencies.
  • The AAE STC’d FPS modification meets the requirements of EASA NPA 2019-02 for the Class D to C compartment conversion. 
  • Kits from these designs have been installed on approximately 1500 narrow and wide body aircraft.
  • Conducted many ground and flight tests to demonstrate system performance.
  • Conducted laboratory system flow tests to show how well the metered system performs over long durations and varying temperature ranges.

About Our Technical Support Team

AAE’s Customer and Technical Support Team members possess at least 20 years of experience in all phases of design, manufacture, certification, installation, maintenance, trouble shooting and support of AAE’s proven safety systems.