Industry Leaders in Class "D" to "C" Cargo Compt Conversion Kits

Test Equipment – Smoke Alarm & Fault Test Box

SMOKE ALARM AND FAULT TEST BOX. Used to test the alarm and fault indications on the cockpit control panel. Submit your RFQ to  

Test Equipment – Squib Tester

SQUIB TESTER. Used to test the squib firing circuits from the control panel to the extinguisher bottles and diverter valve. Submit your RFQ to  

Diverter Valve

Diverter Valve. Directs Halon to the affected cargo compartment Submit your RFQ to

Extinguisher Bottle & Suppression Rack Assembly

Extinguisher Bottle Assembly. Provides one quick-discharge bottle to quickly saturate the affected cargo compartment with fire ‘Knock-Down’ protection.  The “Knock-Down’ discharge is followed by a sustaining discharge of one or more bottles to sustain the required duration of protection.   The EASA and Extended Duration FPS Kit Configurations use a larger second extinguishing bottle. Submit your […]

Suppression Distribution Tubing Assemblies

SUPPRESSION DISTRIBUTION TUBING.  Pre-formed Extinguishing Agent Distribution Tubes deliver the extinguisher agent from the extinguisher bottle assemblies to the system nozzles in the cargo compartment.  This tubing simplifies and reduces the time of installation. Submit your RFQ to

Metering Regulator

Metering Device. Regulates flow of the sustaining bottle’s discharge to maintain the required duration of protection.  The sustaining discharge provided by the metering device  replaces the agent that is lost due to normal leakage of the compartment under all foreseeable operating conditions. Submit your RFQ to  

Penetrating Distribution Nozzle

Penetrating Distribution Nozzle. Directs Halon into the cargo load.  One nozzle  is installed in each detector enclosure. Submit your RFQ to  

Sustaining Distribution Nozzle

Sustaining Distribution Nozzle.  Directs Halon to the top of the cargo compartment. Two are mounted to the ceiling of each  compartment. Submit your RFQ to  

System Electrical Harnesses and Pre-wired Interface Tray Assembly

System Electrical Harnesses and pre-wired Interface Tray Assembly. Used to connect the FPS components to the aircraft’s electrical system and interfaces (i.e. Master Warning, Master Caution, Aural Warning, Cargo Smoke and Cargo Fire Annunciators, Lamp Test and Aural Warning Silence switches, and System Circuit Breakers.) Submit your RFQ to

System Interface Tray Assembly

System Interface Tray Assembly (Pre-Wired). Located in the E & E compartment, this Interface tray simplifies the connections from the Fault Panel Assy, Smoke Detectors, and the CDSCP harnesses. It simplifies and shortens the time of installation, helps eliminate installation errors, and facilitates trouble-shooting.  This tray assembly has connectors so that the shelf or rack […]