Industry Leaders in Class "D" to "C" Cargo Compt Conversion Kits

Lower Cargo Compartments Class “D” to “C” Conversions

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AAE designs, certifies, and manufactures Cargo Fire Protection Systems (FPS) that provide combined Aircraft Smoke Detection and Fire Suppression for Aircraft Models B737-200/300/400/500, DC-9-10/20/30/40/50, DC-9-80 Series, MD-88, and MD-90-30 series, Fokker F70/F100, Airbus A320, B727-100/-200, and Lockheed L1011.

The installation of the AAE FPS designs is approved under many Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Superior Design – AAE was the first company to market with complete FAA STC’d FPS retrofit kits designed to convert Class D compartments to Class C. AAE’s FPS retrofit Kits were the first to use temperature compensated metered flow to sustain suppression concentration in the cargo compartments – in fact, AAE established the Test Criteria that are used today by the FAA to qualify all existing systems. Since inception, AAE has delivered over 1500 systems worldwide, with unbeatable and unsurpassed reliability and maintainability in the Industry.

Complete Kit, Documentation, and Approvals – AAE, Ltd.’s Cargo FPS Installation Kits are provided with an AAE FAA Approved STC No. and Authorization Letter.  In addition, each kit includes all Line Replacement Units (LRU’s), Electrical Wiring Harnesses, Enclosures, Tubes, Fasteners, Placards, and Hardware. Our design and manufacturing approvals apply to all the parts and documentation you’ll need.  One-Stop shopping.

Proven Reliability – With over 1500 installations, the AAE systems have been operated for tens of millions of flight hours. The AAE system has demonstrated unbeatable reliability and performance with no reported nuisance or false alarms.

Maximum InterchangeabilityComponents are mostly interchangeable between different aircraft types, thus minimizing inventory and maximizing our ability to support our installed base.

Used by Major Airlines – The AAE “STCs” are installed and used worldwide by airlines, alliances, and leasing corporations.  AAE’s customer airlines include Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, AVIANCA, American Trans Air, Air Transat, Lufthansa, SAS, Varig Airlines, TAM, Meridiana, Aerolineas Argentinas, TACA Airlines, Air India, AFT, Canadian North, and Ansett. Some of our customer airlines are members of alliances including the Star Alliance and One World Alliance.   Our customers also include leasing companies such as Boeing Capital Corporation, GE Capital Aviation Services, CIT Leasing Corporation, Aergo Capital, Aviation Group Management (AGM), Aviation Capital Group,  Ansett World Aviation Services, Ansett Spares and Services, and International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC). We know many leasing companies prefer AAE’s system because, when their planes move from one fleet to a new fleet, the planes can be easily modified to duplicate the configuration and operating requirements of the new fleet and because the AAE’s FPS’ are already approved by many foreign Civil Aviation Authorities, like EASA.

Well-established Technology – The AAE SDFS system offers an innovative, but simple system that uses proven technology. The smoke detection system design and architecture offers maximum system safety with a microprocessor-controlled Integrated Cockpit Panel and Smoke Detector. The AAE system contains no batteries, heaters, fans, or transmitters to add complexity, increase maintenance, and reduce reliability to absolutely minimize the possibility of false warnings.

Since its first introduction in 1997, the AAE FPS has been improved many times and has achieved numerous foreign approvals and validations, including EASA approval of our B737 Series FPS, A320 FPS, DC9/MD88/MD-90-30 Series FPS, and Fokker F100 FPS.